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Golf Grip Tape & Solvent
Shop Golf Grip Tape & Solvent
Golf Gripping Accessories
  • Complete Re-Gripping Kit
    This is a complete kit to re-grip at least 14 clubs. We've put an extra couple of tape strips in the..
    £9.95 £9.45
  • Grip Bore Cleaner
    Clean tape and residue from inside the grip before re-installing. Bristles are spiral wound steel fi..
    £16.25 £14.55
  • Metal Sided Shaft Vice
    Perfect for getting a secure grip on the golf shaft when it is in the vice. Durable, heavy duty prof..
    £14.85 £13.45
  • Rubber Shaft Vice/Clamp
    An essential clamp for holding any club securely in a vice whilst re-gripping. Suitable for steel an..
    £3.85 £3.25
  • Super Stroke CounterCore Weight and Wrench Kit
    Super Stroke 50 gram weight and wrench for the CounterCore back-weighted Plus Series grip lines. The..
    £15.99 £11.95
  • V-Groove Golf Grip Remover
    Use this tool to slide down inside a grip, working solvent around it as you move it downwards, to re..
    £44.99 £28.99
  • Vice Pads
    Heavy duty and very durable, Urethane Vice Pads. Vertical and horizontal grooves in each pad hold sh..
    £29.99 £20.99
Shop Golf Gripping Accessories
Super Stroke
Shop Super Stroke

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