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Super Stroke Split Grip

Super Stroke Split Grip

Brand: Super Stroke
Product Code: SSSG
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The SuperStroke Split grip gives players looking for a replacement to their broomstick putters. With over 125 PGA Tour players having used SuperStroke technology, their patented grips help the world's best play better every week. The proof: Over $50 million won on Tour.

SuperStroke Split Putter Grip features:

  • 5 and 12 Inches Long
  • 1.0 Inch in Diameter.
  • Weight – 85 grams (+/- 5 gm.)
  • Core Size – .580
Starting with a rubber under listing, SuperStroke have added a new high-tech PU material, featuring CrossTraction technology, for improved feel and tackiness.
Grip Spec
Size Split Grip
Weight 125g
Core .580 Round

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